Telephone Confidence Code - Custom Field of the Month

Are you trying to widen the net of your outreach, without breaking the bank? 

Whether you are cutting a universe to phone bank or p2p text, the telephone confidence code is the field that will help you out with this direct communication. 

When attributing numbers to certain people, L2 Political assigns this field to demonstrate the degree of certainty they have that the person named actually has this contact information. 

The phone confidence code is on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the lowest confidence and 1 being the highest. National pollsters, who utilize this data because L2 has such clean data tested for accuracy, love this field and dont bother contacting 3s-5s. With the shifting communications landscape, as rules change from the FCC and service providers are more actively attempting to block spam callers and texts from being delivered- (reach out to your Surus account manager for more advise on how to best craft your text’s messaging)- utilizing this field has become all the more necessary.

Here is how to tactically utilize this field for your next call/ text campaign:

  1. Add this field to your filter search when cutting your universe criteria to creating your list for integrating into a call/ texting platform to prioritize the people with 1s and 2s


2.     Have your volunteers go through this list first

3.     Extra time? Ready for the next round? Use the same filter search criteria for your universe and isolate the 3s/ 4s, do this data vetting on a smaller scale with more seasoned volunteers- using the list from call view, or small & very personalized p2p text campaign.

4.    Make sure to tag or edit back contact information, so that you don’t waste time in the future!