As an intern at Surus, you will be asked to identify a "path" or area of interest that you will have the  opportunity to specialize in. Regardless of the path you choose, you will become an expert in the Surus  platform and school of campaigning. The paths are as follows: 

Political Path 

For those looking for an immersive experience on a political campaign while being trained and closely  supported by Surus to learn the foundations of coalition building and relationship management. You will  be embedded with one (possibly more) of our client campaigns. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Provide the campaign you are embedded with detailed reporting on daily activity (contact type,  status and method) 
  • Initial troubleshooter and implementation manager of Surus tech on the campaign  Support new client onboarding and additional trainings (in group, video and 1:1 sessions) with  all relevant stakeholders on the campaign 
  • Help support the campaign’s coalition and relationship management efforts Support the client in using Field Edge for logging and recording retail engagements 

Content / Communications Path 

For those with a passion for communicating messages to targeted audiences to drive meaningful  results/action. You will be partnering with one or more of our clients to help them develop a narrative  and implement a robust communications plan over the course of the campaign. Responsibilities include: 

  • Review a client’s current paid, earned, social and owned media channels and make  recommendations on how they can be better integrated with the Surus solution Provide the client social media and P2P text monitoring and update the client’s Nationbuilder  database/CRM with any new lead information 
  • Help devise a content calendar with the client and their team 
  • Produce email copy, social media posts and video content designed to drive engagement with a  client’s website  
  • Create event pages and update copy/video content on client website 

Data Analytics Path 

For those interested in exploring how data can be used to help inform who a campaign should be  leveraging their limited time and resources on and which messages they should be exposed to. Works  closely with Content / Communications team. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Configure our client’s Nationbuilder accounts, support new client onboarding Wrangle voter information, ballot history and custom field information from L2 Political in  DataPrep/ Google Cloud Platform and import into Nationbuilder 
  • Aggregate and append lists provided by our clients. Take point on record deduplication and  database maintenance while providing support to the campaign team on best practices. Manage list importing and exporting, supporting Surus’ account managers in making strategic  recommendations to our client on what to do with the information available in their  database/CRM 
  • Special projects related to an intern’s technical abilities

Business Operations Path 

For those most interested in learning about the practical application of business principles to help Surus  grow and scale. This internship is based in our office in Lake Bluff, Illinois. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Create marketing and branding content that will attract new business 
  • Assist with new client acquisition and help with proposal process 
  • Produce written and video training materials (101 and FAQ guides, HOW TOs, product reviews) Test our current suite of products and new product solutions 
  • Support Surus’ staff in various administrative functions and projects 
  • Special projects related to an intern’s technical abilities