How to Use Nationbuilder Facebook Integration

Facebook is a powerful tool for your campaign. because people who like your Facebook posts are more likely to be aware of and support your campaign. Too often the data gets ‘stuck’ in Zuckerberg’s platform leaving you unable to know the identity of your Facebook supporters leaving you reliant on Facebook (often paid) to get your word out to them. Facebook has some natvie tools like Forms and Groups to help you overcome these challenges that your campaign should be incorporating.  

But your partnership with Surus gives you access the incredibly powerful Nationbuilder-Facebook integration. Here are some ways for your campaign or organization to take advantage.

Identify and Engage Donor, Volunteer and Advocate Prospects

Our favorite use of the integration is to identify prospects that can be converted into advocates, donors and volunteers.  By pulling these people into your database and merging them to the voter file, you gain the ability to learn where they live and how to communicate with them outside the Facebook platform.  

Here are three ways you can identify prospects with the Nationbuilder /Facebook integration:

  1. Identify Supporters by Location

Pull up a list of everyone who has interacted with your Facebook page and is within a certain location so you can truly target them locally. You might have email addresses or phone numbers for some of these folks, so this information could turn into a targeted email blast or text/phone campaign to this constituency. 

Example 1: you are having a meet and greet or low-dollar fundraiser in Smallville.  Mail, email or call to invite all people in the following filter search: 

  • Interacted with your Facebook page
  • Lives in Smallville 

Example 2: You want to recruit a Community Ambassador to lead your efforts in Smallville.  Identify your Facebook followers living in Smallville to identify who might be a good prospect.  Maybe a member of the City Council is a big fan of yours on Facebook? 

  1. Identify ‘Hot’ Supporters

Organize your database based on who has liked a Facebook post, donated, or RSVP’d to an event in the last few months. These folks are interested in you right now. Alternative: run the same search, but find anyone who has done any three of these activities in the past week. These folks are excited about you right now. Act accordingly.

Example: you are holding a canvassing day of action in two weeks and need to prioritize whom to call to volunteer. Engage the people who have interacted with your campaign most recently.

  1. Identify Your Most Long-Standing and Consistent Supporters

There is some correlation between support and the number of Facebook posts ‘liked’.  Spend some time building relationships with your most passionate Facebook supporters to invite them to get more engaged with your campaign.

Example:  Send a fundraising letter to all people who have liked more than 50 of your Facebook posts but have never donated to you. 

Get the Email Address for Facebook Followers

Don’t limit your engagement with Facebook.  After running a quick filter search, delegate someone from your team to message the hottest or most consistent followers without an email address to thank them for their engagement and ask for their email. Make sure to add the new email to the database. Alternatively, purchase the email addresses of your Facebook supporters so that you don’t have to rely on Zuckerberg’s platform to communicate with them.  Cross-channel marketing is key!

Treat Facebook Posts as Issue Identification Polling

Nationbuilder allows you to create lists and tag people who have ‘liked’ particular posts you have made on Facebook.  This can be very helpful in identifying recipients for segmented blast communications and coalition recruitment.  

Example 1:  Your series of Facebook posts opposing your opponent's proposed gas tax received a ton of  ‘likes’.  Add all these people to a list and give them the tag: Issues: GasTax: Oppose.   Invite these people to join a No Gas Tax Coalition.  This coalition can: 

  • Create a new No Gas Tax Facebook page that you can connect to your Nationbuilder.
  • Advocate to their friends and colleagues about your opposition to the tax. What about creating a flier on this issue that they can distribute.
  • Hold Stop the Tax volunteer days where they phone banks and canvass 
  • Organize a fundraiser for your campaign. 

Grow Your Facebook Following

Find everyone who is subscribed to your email list, has volunteered for the campaign, or who has engaged with your website who doesn’t yet like your Facebook page. Ask them to fix that problem and provide them with two or three things to share immediately.

Example: Filter search emailable + Has Never interacted with Facebook.  Send them an email noting that you need their help to grow your Facebook followers to a specific number. Include a button where they can follow your page and like a post.  

Ready to take your campaign to the next level with Surus and the Facebook-Nationbuilder integration? Let us know. 

Add FB Supporters to Your Get Out the Vote List

In the end, it's about counting your votes and turning them out to vote.  People who have 'liked' a lot of your Facebook posts are likely to support you and you should batch add them as Strong Supporters in your database. 


Ready to take your campaign to the next level with Surus and the Facebook-Nationbuilder integration? Let us know.