Data Visualization With Surus & Tableau

NationBuilder is an integral tool for a political organization to be able to collect, maintain, and manage its data daily. The Surus team believes strongly that a strong database can elevate organizations to better understand their population, create a more strategic plan, and continue to grow their organization over time. NationBuilder can also integrate with great third-party applications. Tableau, a business intelligence tool, is one of those applications that can be used to visualize, analyze, and understand the data within NationBuilder more effectively.

A business intelligence tool is simply a platform that can be used to visualize and understand data through graphs, tables, and various other visualizations. Tableau can connect to a plethora of data sources from CSVs or Excel files, databases, and more. The Surus team has built a data pipeline that can dynamically harvest the data within a NationBuilder into Tableau for more enhanced analysis. This can be replicated for any Nation.

Tableau could be used to better understand metrics on Facebook, social media, text message blasts, donations, and much more using dashboards. Dashboards are interactive interfaces that allow users to analyze the data, filter for certain segments, and even export the data to share or conduct their own analysis. Below is an image of how Facebook posts can be monitored via tableau.

There is no limitation on what can be monitored and analyzed from NationBuilder in Tableau. Dashboards can be created to monitor the performance of contacts, what voters are waiting for outstanding yard signs, and even create lists that can be imported into NationBuilder. The Surus team is equipped with the technology and experience to develop custom dashboards and reporting solutions for all our clients. Reach out to your Account Managers if you would like to hear more on how tableau can complement your NationBuilder database.