John Jagmin's Profile

John Jagmin

Data Engineer

"Life is very short and anxious for those who forget the past, neglect the present, and fear the future."


John is driven by creating tools and learning new skills that help clients achieve their goals. He helps clients achieve their goals by creating data visualizations that promote greater understanding of the political environment of Illinois and ensure the Account Managers can provide the best guidance possible. He works with any organization or campaign which requires additional support through additional data or custom dashboards. John’s goal in his role is to gain additional programming and statistical analysis skills so that I can provide more relevant, actionable information to our staff and clients. 

Previously, John worked as a Technical Project Management Intern for MxD for 6 months and as a Project Manager for UL for one year. 

John was born and grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He lived in the city for 6 years during his undergraduate and graduate program before moving back to the suburbs where I currently live. 

He studied at Loyola University Chicago for both his undergrad and graduate degrees. In undergrad he received a double major in Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. John’s MBA focus was on Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. Outside of work, John enjoys working on old cars, riding motorcycles, and going to concerts.